Some of Indio’s theater credits include: “Homenaja ‘a Padrino-Pataki Nacimiento de Ochun” in CUBANOLA-2020-Performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s The Appel Room, NYC. Indiosyncrasy (winner “Best Play”, 2011 Downtown Urban Theater Festival), Barcelo Con Hielo, Aloha Boricua, Our Times, Slanguage, Banjee, It Goes Unsaid, and Los Nutcrackers.  Indio also won the 1st Annual 2005 NYC One Festival for his play Manchild Dilemma. Most recently, Indio debuted his latest work, Someday a Father Be.

Indio was also nominated for a 2001 Latin ACE Award “Supporting Actor” for his portrayal of “Miguel” in Vieques. He is currently performing in Dona Flor Y Sus Dos Maridos, playing at Repertorio Espanol, which alongside the cast won the 2008 HOLA award “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast”.

Indio’s T.V. credits include Season 2 of Orange is The New Black, and Law and Order S.V.U.

His film credits include Eli Moran, Hallelujah, An Ornament of Faith, Sucker Punch, Dead Canaries, A Rose by Any Other name, Word is Bond, and Cookie.

INDIOSYNCRASY written & performed by Indio Melendez

Indiosyncrasy is the story of a Latino man coming to terms with every facet of his identity and the relationships he must save.  Presented in mini tableaus and based on true life experiences.  Indiosyncrasy uses traditional Afro-Cuban song and dance, as well as spoken word, monologues and rap to explore every label Indio has been given son, husband, father, friend and faggot.

“Homenaje Para Padrino-Pataki Nacimiento de Ochun” Performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s, The Appel Rom-CUBANOLA-February 2020
Indio’s most recent Demo Reel 2019
“Flava of the Day” Performed at Repertorio Espanol-Nene confronts an adversary about his spreading rumors concerning his sexuality.
“Sucker for a Pretty face” performed at Spanish Repertory, We all have had that one “Love” who was no good for us, but they are just so beautiful we overlook that the love is not reciprocal….

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