IMG_0885Indio is a self-taught visual artist who began his art work more than a decade ago as a hobby by drawing and wood-burning “Yoruba” images on reclaimed pieces of wood. The transformed scraps of wood became dynamic mystical art pieces, inspired by his love for Santeria and the Yoruba pantheon, a syncretism of West African and Caribbean religions that have been influenced by Christianity.

Indio uses different sources for color, such as cigar and incense ashes, coffee grinds, wine, berries, spices and traditional mediums such as oil & acrylic based paints, polyurethane and different wood stains to add color.

If you’re interested in learning more about Indio’s art, to purchase art or to request a custom piece, contact



When I heard the bad news on election night of 2016, I was deeply heartbroken.  I needed to create something beautiful to heal myself and bring some light back into the world. When I began working I did not have a vision of what I would create. I just started drawing on the wood. Then the lines became shapes and what manifested became “Gabriela” –  named after a friend of mine,  who finds her light in dance, choreography, teaching and activism.

Mixed media:  food coloring, acrylic and oil based paint, polyurethane



dsc_0062Fight The Power

This was inspired by the election of Donald Trump through a rigged democratic process originally established to appease slave masters in the South. It will be my mantra for the next four years.

Mixed media:  cigar ashes, cascarilla, food coloring, acrylic and oil based paint, polyurethane.






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